Activating your Standard or Pro license

To activate your Standard or Pro license with your purchased license codes:

  1. Launch CatchPulse > License > Enter License Code > Click Apply.

    Click here if your code consist of 16-characters or less

  2. Applying the code will upgrade your current CatchPulse license to Standard or the Pro version.

  3. If you are activating your CatchPulse / CatchPulse Pro license for the first time*, this will also effectively extend the expiry date to the purchased license specifications** beginning from the current date & time.

  4. Purchased CatchPulse / CatchPulse Pro licenses are automatically added to the CatchPulse Account that was used/ created to make the purchase. Both CatchPulse and CatchPulse Pro can keep track of all their licenses, their activation status, and expiry dates by going to the My Licenses page.

  5. Devices that have been activated by purchased CatchPulse / CatchPulse Pro licenses are also automatically added to the CatchPulse Account. The list of associated devices and their license expiry dates can be found on the My Devices page of the CatchPulse Account.


About Promotional CatchPulse / CatchPulse Pro Licenses or Purchases from an Authorized Reseller

If you have received a CatchPulse / CatchPulse Pro license through promotional means (i.e. events, giveaways, bundles) or have purchased one from an authorized reseller you may need to manually create a CatchPulse Account and add the promotional CatchPulse / CatchPulse Pro license and subsequently add devices activated with promotional CatchPulse / CatchPulse Pro licenses to your account.

Note that these additional steps are not required if you purchased the CatchPulse / CatchPulse Pro license through the CatchPulse Online store.

* For using a previously activated CatchPulse / CatchPulse Pro License, the expiry date will still follow the existing one based on the date of the initial activation of the license.

** CatchPulse / CatchPulse Pro Licenses come with their own expiry specifications and are readily available in 1 and 3-year denominations when purchased from the Online CatchPulse Store.

Support and feedback

Should you encounter any issues using CatchPulse with any of the mentioned or missed requirements above, you can always write to us a

This page was last updated: February 02, 2024