Troubleshooting slow PC performance

Having CatchPulse installed and running has low impact on PC performance. If you are experiencing performance issues immediately after installing CatchPulse or even later, please refer to the following to help determine the underlying cause.


Check if Initial Full System Scan has Completed

The initial full system scan is done as soon as you install CatchPulse. This process is vital in securing your existing PC environment as well as to building your initial allowlist. CatchPulse uses the most amount of system resources during this period and may cause performance issues while it is being done in the background.Decreasing the speed will tell it to use up less resources while you are actively using your PC.


Check for Other Security Software Installed on your PC

CatchPulse is highly compatible with other security software, mainly other anti-viruses. If you prefer to use CatchPulse with other anti-virus software, please make sure to install CatchPulse without Offline AV or simply go to the settings and disable the Offline AV (note: you can leave Cloud AV enabled).

For Users Who Have Webroot SecureAnywhere

There is a notable slowdown users with Webroot SecureAnywhere* experiences after installing CatchPulse. In order to resolve this, it is best to install CatchPulse prior to installing WebRoot Secure Anywhere.

* Webroot SecureAnywhere is a virus protection software for all your devices.


Check Windows Task Manager for CatchPulse Processes

Check your processes to see whether CatchPulse or any other application is using up your PC resources. The following processes are regularly active and attributed to CatchPulse:

CatchPulse / SecureAPlus.exe

CatchPulse UI / CatchPulse.exe

CatchPulse Notifier / sanotifier.exe

CatchPulse Scanner / SAScanner.exe

CatchPulse Service / SecureAPlusService.exe

If any of the above are consuming considerable resources without any obvious causes (i.e. currently scanning) then contact CatchPulse and include the suspected process on the support inquiry to help us troubleshoot the issue.

Support and feedback

Should you encounter any issues using CatchPulse with any of the mentioned or missed requirements above, you can write to us a

This page was last updated: May 06, 2024