Activating your SecureAPlus essentials or pro license offline

To activate your SecureAPlus Essentials/ Pro License with your purchased license codes

  1. Launch SecureAPlus > Info & Licenses > License > License Code > Enter License Code > Click Apply.

  2. The SecureAPlus Activation dialog box will be displayed.

  3. Do one of the following:

    • Access this page and enter the license code and the unique code (SecureAPlus ID can be left blank) and click Activate to get the activation code; or

    • Enter the license code and scan the QR code provided.

  4. You will be directed to the Offline Activation page as follows.

  5. Copy the Activation Code and paste it back in the SecureAPlus Activation dialog box, then click Apply.

  6. You will see a SecureAPlus dialog box indicating that the offline activation was successful. We strongly recommend you to take note of the license expiry date. The expiry date should be set accordingly after the successful offline activation.

  7. Your SecureAPlus ID will be generated in SecureAPlus > Info & Licenses > Account.

Support and feedback

Should you encounter any issues using SecureAPlus with any of the mentioned or missed requirements above, you can write to us a

This page was last updated: May 15, 2024