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Getting Started

Start using all the best features of SecureAPlus to seamlessly and effectively protect your PC.

The Initial Full System Scan Explained

Automatic Full System Scan vs On-Demand Full System Scan

Understanding the Different SecureAPlus Modes

Application Whitelisting

Understand all you need to know about Application Whitelisting with SecureAPlus.

What is Application Whitelisting

Creating new groups and users in windows

What are Trusted Groups and Trusted Users

Offline AV

Stay secure offline by learning Anti-Virus functions when you are disconnected from the web.

Downloading ClamAV virus definitions without internet

Disabling Windows Defender in Windows 10

Managing file & folder or on-demand scanning

Universal AV

Know about how Universal AV works and why it helps to protect you with higher detection rates.

Getting started with Universal AV

The Initial Full System Scan Explained

Scanning a folder using command line

SecureAPlus Enterprise

For larger installations, understand all you need to know about configurations, and settings of SecureAPlus to adjust to your user’s needs.

Setting up an installation managed by SecureAPlus Portal

Viewing and approving whitelist requests

Activating your SecureAPlus essentials or pro license offline

Quick Links to SecureAPlus Resources

Report false positive

Our team of security experts can analyze the file and report it as false positives to the detecting engines.

Latest Release Notes

View developer release notes for SecureAPlus updates here.


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