Initial setup of CatchPulse

After installing CatchPulse, the Initial Full System Scan will commence and this may take a few hours but it is a necessary step to ensure complete protection of your computer against crafty malware.

CatchPulse Full System Scan

  1. After downloading, the Initial Full System Scan will commence in the background and the CatchPulse icon will also appear in the taskbar as shown below. Click on the CatchPulse icon to launch the CatchPulse Initial Full System Scan window.

  2. In the CatchPulse Main Console, click Home and the CatchPulse Settings window appears.

  3. Click Manage on the left menu and click Application Control.

  4. On the Allow List tab, under Status, you should see that the Initial Application Allowlisting is in progress. (This is not applicable to subsequent software updates).

    The Initial Full System Scan runs in the background, thus, you will not be affected and can proceed with your normal activities.

Note: You can adjust the speed of full system scan according to your preference. Also, when you restart or shut down your computer in the midst of the full system scanning process, the full system scanning process will be able to resume after the computer has started. Since it is running in the background, it will only cause minimal disruption to computer performance. You can continue working on your computer.

Apart from the Initial Full Scan, the Cloud AV detailed scanning will kick in as well.

The Cloud AV will continuously scan your machine using multiple anti-virus engines in the cloud server. This boosts a higher detection rate in the fastest time possible. As real-time scanning is being done in the cloud server instead of locally, your machine will not be slowed down at all.

Cloud AV detailed scanning

  1. Once the Cloud AV detailed scanning is completed, the following message will be shown if there is no threat detected.

  2. However, if a virus is detected by the Cloud AV during initial scanning, the alert as shown will pop up.

  3. Click on View Threats icon to view the details of the threat, otherwise, you can click on X located in the top right corner to close the pop-up window.

  4. You can choose to Quarantine, Delete or Ignore the threats.

Support and feedback

Should you encounter any issues using CatchPulse with any of the mentioned or missed requirements above, you can always write to us a

This page was last updated: March 28, 2024