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Getting Started

All the information you need from installation to your FREE trial and everything in between.

Getting to know the CatchPulse Interface

Understanding the different CatchPulse modes

How to start my CatchPulse trial

Taking Control

Understand what application control and allowlisting does and how involved you want to be

What is application allowlisting

What are the behaviours of application allowlisting

How to manage allowlist and set trust levels for your file

Detecting Threats

Learn about how AI-powered scans and the multiple Cloud anti-virus protects your devices

What are potentially unwanted programs

Locating a detected threat or blocked file by CatchPulse

What is Cloud AV

Managing Multiple Devices

From a few PCs at home to hundreds of endpoints at work, CatchPulse has got you covered:

How to assign a CatchPulse Policy

How to remove a CatchPulse Policy


Addressing common troubleshooting issues that you might encounter:

Troubleshooting a computer that doesn’t boot up

Troubleshooting slow PC performance

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